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Thread: [eeebuntu] freshly installed, no internet

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    [eeebuntu] freshly installed, no internet

    I've just installed EEEBuntu(also know as Aurora OS) onto my new Asus Netbook(R052CE / eeePc 1025ce). Now i want it to have internet to update its drivers. But it looks like there is no drivers for it installed, as I can neither use Lan or WLan. Also when i attach my USB-Stick to the device it doesn't look like its recongizing it.

    So my Problem is. I have drivers missing, and i dont know which and how to get them on the device.

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    Re: [eeebuntu] freshly installed, no internet

    Can you see wireless networks? Use
    sudo iwlist scan
    in terminal and post the output.
    As for the USB drive, connect it, then type "dmesg tail" in terminal, and post all lines beginning with [sdb], at least near the bottom.

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