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Thread: Unity Dock Tweak Suggestion or Idea - Recentely used Apps icons

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    Unity Dock Tweak Suggestion or Idea - Recentely used Apps icons

    Hi all,

    I was wondering. I like unity pretty much. I like gnome 3 also. But maybe indeed gnome 3 fits more for real linux usage. And Unity for kind of more for casual users. If you can say so. Atleast it looks to me a little bit like that. Knowing some background also. Like todays biggest influence in Gnome 3 being RH and in Unity being Cannonical.

    So i was wondering. I like that Unity has the dock and has it on the left. And has it permanent by default. But since it gets full of icons pretty fast. Eslecially when it auto adds the icons for new installed programms. I was wondering. Maybe that would be a great idea to make the Dock show most recentely used Apps icons. Sorting it by relevance. A littlebit like Windows' 7 start menu auto adds/updates the icons of recentely used apps in start menu. This way it spares us, users, the hustle of adding removing icons. And in canse we want some icon permanent. We still would be able to pin it. This way we wouldnt have to worry about needing to add some apps icon. If we use(d) it, it would be automatically shown. And the Dock is long enough for having like 15+ apps and a view harddisks.

    p.s. Thinking about such kind of improvements i even was thinking that it would be also cool to have same kind of a dock on the right side. For miniaturized versions of the notifications. In the end it does not take that much space. And it gives you feedback which is cool.

    So now i wonder is there somene i can contact about this feature? I mean the recent used icons. To get attention to such sort of an improvement. I would love to see this in one of the next versions. I would even maybe try to implement it myself. Im not sure i would be able. Because i know/study only basics of programming. But im pretty willing.

    Tell me what you think,
    Sincerely yours,
    The truth will set you free!

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    Re: Unity Dock Tweak Suggestion or Idea - Recentely used Apps icons

    I suggest that you submit your idea here:

    When it comes to contributing directly yourself, have a look at this page:

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