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Thread: Install on fake RAID w/Win 7

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    Install on fake RAID w/Win 7

    After a couple of days of failure, & another couple of reading forums, I'm reaching out for help. I was able to find the following sentence, but I DO want to operate U side by side w/Win7 on my RAID.
    " Unless you are trying to operate side by side with windows installed to a raid the raid should be turned off in bios, raid meta data should be erased and dmraid uninstalled or the system booted with 'nodmraid'. Post if you have further question. "
    I have U version 13.04, Win 7 SP1, going on an Asrock Z77 Extreme4, Intel I7 3770. I have 3 TB drives set up as RAID 5 with Win7 installed. After blowing it all away the first time, I tried several more times choosing different options each time. I ran accross one thread ( that helped me to figure out I needed to remove or move my BRD during the U install, which I did. I currently am installing Win7 from DVD, & then U from USB with the BRD disconnected, & at least I'm getting the Live version up now.
    However, NOW my problem is the install keeps choking out....I don't know if it's because of UEFI, because I'm installing on the RAID, or something else. I really want to install Ubuntu so we can adjust to it, but man, after several days of just trying to install, I'm having a hard time pressing forward. Currently, when I attempt the install from the screenshot, the installation completed (this time) but Ubuntu does not present itself for install. I've been through a couple of tutorials on editing the bootloader via bcdedit, but I haven't scored yet.
    Any suggestions, other than giving up & removing my RAID array?
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