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So I guess the thousands of posts and man hours that people volunteer here to give Ubuntu users free support don't count as work. We're just a bunch of people sitting around whining on a forum, and that's all this is about. I suggest you take a look around these forums other than just the threads like this where people are disgruntled with your boss.
Of course it "counts", I've done thousands of hours of support myself. The point is that a community portal should be developed with input and support from the community, and that's not happening.
The community is providing support here. Sometimes the best way to provide support is to point out failings and help to get them fixed before it gets worse.

When people believe in something with the force that many of us do: otherwise we wouldn't be here discussing it; there are bound to be differences in both opinion and emphasis. I don't want to this to degenerate into Canonical vs Community; we have a lot to gain from each other.

Without the support of Canonical the community would not have Ubuntu. Without the support of the community: developers, bug trackers, documentation writers, translators, those on this forum and elsewhere. Canonical would still have Ubuntu but it wouldn't be as good as it is today.

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They could (eventually) be deprived of the status they enjoy as one of the biggest linux communities. In all honesty the only reason I use Ubuntu over, say, Debian is all the ppas we have here, and the only reason we have those is because of the huge user base. The community is a big part of that; the community is paramount.
I hope not - I hope we remain the largest community. I use Ubuntu because whenever I have needed support I have always been able to find it and most of that support has come from people who like me care about Ubuntu but who are not Canonical employees.

That's not to say that I have not received support from Canonical employees too. I have but this does not diminish the role of the community.

I am proud to be a member and happy to help where I have time and I can.