Hello Folks,

A few weeks back now Canonical decided to remove "Community" from the Ubuntu.com menu because they said:
"By focusing our site navigation on the products themselves, we aim to make it clear for someone who is new to the site that Ubuntu is about all of these things: PCs, phones, tablets — you name it."

Now I don't know about you all but I know in my heart that Ubuntu stands for Community in fact Nelson Mandela roughly has described it as such and its been no secret that Ubuntu from the start has been a community-oriented open source project. Now as someone who works on Development, Documentation and QA for Ubuntu and has now for a few years it was a bit disheartening to see this arbitrary change being made to Ubuntu.com which is the flagship site of our community-oriented operating system.

So I decided to blog about it today at the encouragement of other Ubuntu Members and also because I feel if there is no discussion then potentially these things will continue to happen and we as a community will continue to receive promises of transparency or refined processes or anyother commitment.

This is not a attempt to slapdown Canonical but instead it is my hope that this will productively and politely allow for real change to come. I remember just last year I was pushing hard for the Ubuntu Forums to finally get its upgrade and you know it seemed to be that the hold out was simply that Canonical has a product focus and the forums were not a product.

To put things in perspective please have a look at this image which shows how Community is now missing from Ubuntu.com and also take into consideration that since they removed the link there has been a 1/3 drop-off in traffic to http://ubuntu.com/community which also links to these fine forums right here. So basically if a few thousand of those people were looking for forums or looking for how to get started contributing when they visited Ubuntu.com well they would not have found it.