Hi, thanks for reading! Here's my tale of woe... I was dual-booted Win7 adn Ubuntu and tried to partition some space from D to C drive. I used a free software tool to do this with, and somewhere along the line it said "reboot". When I did, I got the dreaded: error: unknown filesystem -- grub rescue>.

I'm now working from my Fedora 15 machine trying to get Boot Repair Disk on to Unetbootin to try to repair my other PC. I've tried many commands on the grub rescue> command line. No success at all. I tried to use Super Grub Disk but my BIOS wouldn't recognize the DVD drive. So now I'm trying to get Boot Repair Disk on to Unetbootin. I can't seem to use Fedora effectively... problems finding/installing Boot Repair Disk, etc.

Could someone please help me through this?

MUCH thanks and appreciation!