Hello all,

First of all excuse me if I'm not clear in my post. I'm a complete novice when it comes to Linux so bear with me. Also mods, if this is in the wrong place please could you move it?

A few days ago, I installed Bitdefender Total Security on my Windows 8 PC. It comes with an anti-theft feature, which I decided to try out. You enter a code on their website, which then locks the laptop, rendering it unusable without said code. The problem is that, when trying to enter the code, the keyboard doesn't work (tech support's suggestion of using a USB keyboard didn't work either).

Tech support then sent me a workaround - creating a Bitdefender Rescue USB, booting from that, then deleting a file from my hard drive which then removes the lock from my computer.

The reason I am posting in this forum is that Bitdefender Rescue Mode is based on XUbuntu.

I had no problem in creating the Rescue USB, or booting into Rescue Mode. My problem is that my hard drive does not show up when I am in Rescue Mode, so I cannot delete the file I need. I have tried using terminal to mount the hard drive, but keep coming up against errors. The hard drives show up both when I use the fdisk command and in GParted.

From what I have gathered, it appears to be because the file system of my hard drive (which is solid state, if that helps) is GPT. It seems that Ubuntu has problems mounting it, if I understand correctly.

So, is there any way I can access my hard drive? Any help would be hugely appreciated, as I've been locked out of my laptop for five days now, and it's becoming more than just an inconvenience.

Many thanks in advance,