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Thread: Kippo ssh honeypot

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    Kippo ssh honeypot

    I want create honeypot for my final year project...
    so i want to create kippo honeypot...

    but i dont know exactly the requirement of kippo honeypot...
    the topology and others...

    so my question...
    do i need configure ssh server before i create kippo honeypot server?
    and do i need configure both server in a machine?
    and do i need configure both server in dmz?

    thank you

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    Re: Kippo ssh honeypot


    While we are happy to provide hints and tips, the Ubuntu Forums are not a homework service.

    It appears that you have done little groundwork and research on your own at this point.

    There are many kippo tutorials on the web you can use. You should also avail yourself of your instructor/advisor.

    Please use other resources first.


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