A few days ago I got curious enough to give 13.04 a shot on the Samsung Chromebook. I ran into an array of problems, mostly with installing it. First, each guide I found was wildly different to the next. Some were just dual booting to the SD Card/SSD, others were installing to the internal SSD. I successfully got Ubuntu 12.04 on it but I had hoped to give 13.04 a shot. I rebooted a few times and to my surprise ChromeOS came back with no sign of Ubuntu.

I know it's probably a long shot and/or insanely infatuated headache to accomplish this, but for the sake of curiosity and why not I figured I'd look deeper. Instead of shuffling through countless guides that were posted when 13.04 was in alpha or whatever, I got to wondering if anybody here has succeeded with this. Can anybody comment, or link to a guide that worked for them? I wouldn't mind nuking ChromeOS and giving 13.04 the entirety of the internal SSD. Any insight would be appreciated!