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Thread: Is there a good Scrapbooking app?

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    Is there a good Scrapbooking app?

    I'm using Photoscape (a no charge Windows app) to create scrapbook/collage pages with its Page Editor. That feature uses size adjustable templates to allow users to layout pages with multiple images just by sliding images into the template. Users can also adjust the size of the images within the template once the images have been put into place.

    However, the feature is very limited; users are locked into a relatively small number of templates, so if you want to put 1 or 3 or 5 or 7 images on a page, there's only a couple of possible choices of each for a layout. Odd size images and photos don't present well. Also, users lose the ability to play around with individual images once they have gone onto scrapbook pages.

    Is there a better choice within Linux?

    Note: Gimp does not use templates, users have to hand manipulate every image for size and shape and centering, and then fool around with cropping and layering each image to make Gimp work as a scrapbook maker. So I'm looking for something else.


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    Re: Is there a good Scrapbooking app?

    tgalati4@Mint14-Extensa ~ $ apt-cache search scrapbook
    scribus - Open Source Desktop Page Layout - stable branch
    scribus-ng - Transitional dummy package for the 1.4.0 Scribus release

    Scribus is probably the best tool currently. It has a learning curve so spend some time with it.
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