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Thread: Lubuntu 13.04 logs out during installation...

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    Question Lubuntu 13.04 logs out during installation...

    Hi everybody! I'm new to UbuntuForums and so I hope this is the right place for my question (I'm also italian, so please tell me if I make mistakes).
    I have been using ubuntu for 2 years and I have never got any problems during installation.

    Four months ago I installed Lubuntu 12.10 on an old HP compaq nx6110, and it works.
    Yesterday I downloaded lubuntu 13.04 because I wanted to upgrade it.
    So I deleted from windows the lubuntu partition, and then I plugged in the usb stick with lubuntu on it.
    I chose "Install Lubuntu" directly from the startup menu. It runs ubiquity but after a while it logs out and it show me the log in menu.
    I tried also to install it from a live session, but I got the same result.

    I can't understand why...
    Is there someone who can help me!


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    Re: Lubuntu 13.04 logs out during installation...

    - the bios : deactivate everything that can disturb during installation (suspend/hibernate/powersave/...)
    - deactivate the other processes that can also disturb : screensaver, app in the background (sound/radio/...)
    - if you only have windows installed, then also clean it (chkdsk/defrag/ccleaner)
    - about the hardware: stop the overclocking if it exist, and be sure it can grab some fresh air (clean it if required)

    So, are you reinstalling via wubi ? or doing a real install ?

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    Re: Lubuntu 13.04 logs out during installation...

    Thanks for the answer! I solved using the alternate cd!

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