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Thread: 12.10 Slow Login (First Login Only)

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    Exclamation 12.10 Slow Login (First Login Only)

    Hello All,

    I'm an ubuntu user for quiet long time, I own Dell Inspiron n5110, with 2 Graphics Cards, Nvidia GeForce GT 525M and Intel HD Integrated Graphics Card, I have bumblebee installed and working fine. I have also Compiz Config Setting Manager installed and set and working just fine.

    When I first installed the system everything was just ok, but after a couple of months, the system boots in quiet long time, this is actually not the problem, as I have a couple of servers (Web, Database) running so I think this causes the delay.

    The problem is that the first login after a reboot/system start always take long time till unity appears and the desktop is available for use. This happens for the first login only and then it's just fine if I logged out and then logged in again, it's really fast then.

    I tried resetting unity and compiz but had no improvements at all.

    Any help will be really appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance!

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    Re: 12.10 Slow Login (First Login Only)

    What programs are automatically started? Did you try to create another user and see if the problem is the same?

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    Re: 12.10 Slow Login (First Login Only)

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    The programs that are automatically started applications:
    • Bluetooth Manager
    • Gnome Setting Daemon
    • GPG Password Agent
    • GSettings Data Conversion
    • Mount Helper
    • Network
    • PolicyKit Authentication Agent
    • PulseAudio Sound System
    • Screensaver
    • Secret Storage Service
    • SSH Key Agent
    • Zeitgeist Datahub

    I tried adding another user, it's a bit faster, but not as when I relogin after an initial login.

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    Re: 12.10 Slow Login (First Login Only)

    I have the same problem in 12.04 LTS, but it's not just the first time. Even when I log out, it's slow as molasses before Unity appears.

    I pruned my startup programs to: Autokey, Classic Menu Indicator, Dropbox, Weather Indicator. I have used these for a long time and my system logged in just fine after I installed them.

    I'm thinking it may be Unity, because when I try without Unity it seems marginally faster.

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