I never really started experimenting with wine to recently and i actually have been trying to get world of tanks running on linux with out play on linux (the reason why is because i can't get it to download through PoL)

i need to change a .xml file in the world of tanks folder but i cannot because when i try an access the .directory folder dolphin displays:

The desktop entry file /home/.directory has no Type=... entry.

i just tried everything i knew in my current knowledge base but it is beyond me

If someone could help me out that would be awesome

My second option is using play on linux but the issue there as stated above but to be more specific when i run the launcher i can not get the launcher to work and connect to the Wot servers the little gear down on the left hand corner of the lauch will infinitely spin.

again if someone couldl help me that would be awesome, and Thank You