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Thread: Extensions issues in Gnome 3.8

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    Extensions issues in Gnome 3.8

    Hey everyone.
    I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 with Gnome 3.8, and I'm having issues with the Extensions.

    First issue: Some extensions, although in the Tweak Tool\Shell Extensions tab are active, they are not appearing in the menu bar after a log out or a restart, and must be deactivated and reactivated to show up. Noteably, Extensions Shortcuts and Workspace Indicator.

    Second issue: the webpage dedicated to extensions shows Extensions in the installed tab, which I have not installed, and I cannot remove them.

    Is there any way I can purge the list that the webpage uses to gather its information, so I can start from scratch with the extensions? And have any of you experienced disappearing extensions?

    Thanks, your support is much appreciated.

    By the way, I have finally ceased all use of Windows, and of OS X. This version of Ubuntu and the apps available in Gnome finally satisfy everything I am looking for.

    Akay, so the extensions have stopped disappearing. I think there was an extension I had (a spacer-reducing extension) that caused the items to disappear.
    But, the applications showing as installed when they are not is still not resolved.
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