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Pentium M 1500MHz running Mint Linux 13 Maya XFCE. I have it mounted on a USB hard drive partition and I use a CD with isolinux to bootstrap the system to work. Can't boot from a USB with my Bios.

Started looking at Gentoo. I don't know if I will give up on it but I know that Gentoo allows you to configure the kernel to the computer instead of trying to get a computer to fit to the kernel. It looks really difficult but if I can get it to work it should be well worth the aggravation.

The discussions I see about trying to get Cannonical to do the right thing by not abandoning a perfectly good computer system remind me of what a friend told me. When you argue with a fool, who is the fool?
If you are interested, you can try Lubuntu-fake-PAE https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu-fake-PAE

We are not sure that older Pentium M CPUs can run well with it. So, at an early stage after booting into Lubuntu 13.04, check that

cat /proc/cpuinfo
reports 36 bit physical address size! (While you are running Linux Mint 13, the cpuinfo will probably report only 32 bits.)