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Thread: Blank black desktop on external monitor,tried everything but no use

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    Blank black desktop on external monitor,tried everything but no use

    Ok,so I have a 2008 lenovo y410 laptop,it's screen was broken,so I had removed it off completely,it's just exists as the bottom part with keyboard now,no screen and lid.FYI it has a intel 915 express m/b with an intel graphics card.
    i fired it up somedays back,and surprisingly it booted up and started,so I connected my hdd which had joli cloud on it,and to my utter surprise it booted up.
    so I decided to run linux on it,and created a bootable USB using ubuntu the latest edition,it boots from the USB and all,(though there is no way for me to see the bios settings)i can't see the process since there is no screen and it does not display the boot process on the ext
    But after a while,the ext monitor picks up the signal and just shows up as a blank screen, it flashes a couple times but nothing happens,it stays blank and black,no cursor no nothing.the laptop still runs and is on.
    Same thing happens with a mint live cd that I have. I tried the nomodeset and the other option for intel cards as well,but nothing still a black screen on boot up. Though if I press windows key plus p with the latest version of Linux,the monitor displays a msg saying no signal found and ifi I press it again,it goes back to the blank screen.

    btw now it does not boot with joli cloud as well,same black screen as Linux and same with windows,the laptop works fine just shows a black blank screen instead of a GUI.

    So the question is,is this a hardware issue or software issue and hence fixable?
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