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Thread: DSP Manager / System Wide Equalizer request

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    DSP Manager / System Wide Equalizer request

    Ubuntu is by far the best OS out there. We all know it. Yet its still not perfect. That being said...

    A system wide equalizer would put Ubuntu above all the rest. Specially when U consider Ubuntu is making moves in the mobile world. Its been years ive used linux and the 1 thing always overlooked is audio. Have anyone here used CyanogenMod on Android? The sound control and quality 1 can get is beyond remarkable. It makes my $20 headphones sound better then a $300 pair. This is what Ubuntu needs and I know there are many developers out there who can get it done. So guys/gals please lets try it. Im no developer, nor do I contribute much. I do suggest Linux all the time and when I was on these forums regularly would try and help the average user.

    Imagine how much of a hold Ubuntu would have in the mobile market by including a FULL System Wide DSP Equalizer on every device. Even Android by default doesnt have this. Apple iPods never had this either and they made their initial marketing on being all about audio on the go.

    So this thread dont get burried and ignored. Those who see and think its a good idea. Post a simple "1up". Even if U dont have anything to contribute. The idea is to show just how much the community want this.

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    Re: DSP Manager / System Wide Equalizer request

    Good idea...
    I hope Ubuntu will make a good DSP manager to increase sound quality for Ubuntu..

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