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Thread: nm-tool shows eth1 but ifconfig does not ??

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    nm-tool shows eth1 but ifconfig does not ??

    I am having problems with my Dell XPS Developer edition running 12.4. I am using a USB2/Ethernet adapter that use to work fine but for some reason it no longer works. Using nm-tool, it shows: Device: eth1 but when I do ifconfig there is no eth1 device.

    And what are lxcbr0 and virbr0 ???

    my /etc/network/interfaces is configured for a static address for eth1 but still nothing.

    In Unity, under System Settings--Network, Wired, it shows: Wired Unmanaged. The Options button is inactive so it is unavailable. What is "Airplane Mode" ?

    The most frustrating thing is that this USB2/Ethernet used to work just fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: nm-tool shows eth1 but ifconfig does not ??

    You shouldn't usually define interfaces via /etc/network/interfaces if you are using network-manager - by default, if you do so network-manager will ignore them (hence 'unmanaged') - typically you should only have the loopback ('lo') interface in /etc/network/interfaces if you are using n-m

    lxcbr would be related to virtualization containers I think -->


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