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Thread: Google Drops Instant Previews

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    Unhappy Google Drops Instant Previews

    Google Drops Instant Previews Over Low Usage
    Google has officially dropped the Instant Previews from the search results due to "very low usage" by searchers.
    So many of you know now that Google dropped instant preview.

    I use google preview alot to cut down on unwanted clicks to load unwanted sites.

    I know firefox has ads on that works like preview but is it safe? With google previews it was stored on their computer !! But if I use ad on and do search it will store it on my computer for the preview to work.

    This could be unsafe ? I could get malware this way even if it just site snapshot? With google previews it was stored on their computer .

    I really hate using google ,yahoo and bing if other search engines.
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    Re: Google Drops Instant Previews

    I'd really guess that the FireFox ad-on is only going to display rudimentary HTML content. One simple thing to look for is whether banner ads are visible in the preview at all. If they are, then some Flash content is being rendered, and there's a possibility of (a possibility of) an attack vector. It seems very unlikely to me, however.

    Sad that previews are going away, though; I rather liked them.
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