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Thread: what audio codec supports multiple audio channels.

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    what audio codec supports multiple audio channels.

    I'm using Openshot, to create a new video file, of a movie, that incorporates multiple fan audio's.
    Depending on what audio codec I use, either all 4 audio channels get compressed into 1.
    Or only 1 get's used.
    Just want to right click on the video, and switch between the 5 different audio tracks.
    With one of course being the original audio track that came with the video.

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    Re: what audio codec supports multiple audio channels.

    What container are you writing the file to? Matroska (.mkv) supports multiple audio tracks by default. I've not used Openshot so I can't help with that, but if you can choose the output container, try using Matroska.

    The codec itself really shouldn't matter as long as the container supports multiple tracks.
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    Re: what audio codec supports multiple audio channels.

    'Audio channel' normally refers to mono (1 channel) vs. stereo (2 channels) vs. surround-sound (6 or more channels), btw.

    All modern container formats should support multiple audio tracks. I think even AVI does (don't use AVI, though; use Matroska or MP4). Maybe Openshot can't support this kind of output. Are you doing any actual editing, or just trying to stick on these extra audio tracks?
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