Hi Hi

Is thier (or can someone write) a program that can EQ the system output.

Im a uni student who watchs a lot of recorded lectures. Yet, their is always some kind of buzzing or hissing in them (not to mention the occasional time that movies or tv shows i stream will have this problem) and i would like to rid myself of that problem in a managable way. Noises and buzzs in audio **** me off a lot. A graphic equalizer for the SYSTEM output would allow me remove the buzz frequency that any video/audio file is outputing. I tried searching for something through the Ubuntu software centre with no luck, quite frankly im surprised, a program like this is surly one A LOT of people would use.

If one exsist please tell me. if not can someone who, unlike me, is a programing guru please write a program.
here is a picture link of what i mean.

This is a two channel EQ. A program that had a two channel function would be sweet for steriod audio. but now im just being hopeful. a stripped back mono EQ is all i need to be happy.