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Thread: Unfair warning and jail

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    Unfair warning and jail

    I feel the warning I received was heavy handed and uncalled for. I used the pun “Windoze” that another poster, codeingman, took exception to and made a rather snarky remark to the effect ..
    “Is Windoze supposed to be a pun or something? Spelling skills these days... “ To which I responded that it was a clever pun.
    That should have been the end of. However Moderator CharlesA had to insert himself telling me it was a “stupid pun” which it very well may be in his opinion
    but why should he care? And further informed me that “Attacks and derogatory terms of any kind are not welcome.
    This includes references to other operating systems and the companies that produce them”
    For the record the the pun Windoze can be found on this forum in 250 posts and is contained in the title of 150 threads.
    Obviously those posters have not been warned or jailed. My response to CharlesA was just as immature and rude as CharlesA and codeingman's responses were to me. I will refrain from that sort of thing in the future although in the scheme of things compared to other things I have seen
    in the short time on this forum and on other forums it was relatively mild. However I think it is not too much to ask
    that moderators live up to the same standards that everyday posters are expected to live by and jailed/warned for not meeting.
    As well I feel that all posters should be treated equally – in this case codeingman gets a pass for provoking the entire incident
    and I certainly do not think moderators “taking sides” is a fair and even handed approach and should be discouraged. I really like this forum and appreciate what volunteers like yourselves do.
    I certainly have no problem playing by the rules and will do so in the future. Thank you for letting me have my say and getting what I perceive as unfair treatment by the Moderator and Administrator
    in this case off my chest. As far as I am concerned the matter is closed.

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    Re: Unfair warning and jail

    I will step aside for another admin to judge the fairness of the warning, but first a few general points.

    • The moderator concerned was not directing his comment to you specifically, but to all using the word "windoze", reminding of them of the relevant part of the Code of Conduct.
    • You received a warning for a disrespectful response to a member of staff, with a reference to the appropriate part of the Code of Conduct. You were not warned for using the word "windoze".
    • We do not usually warn or infract for "windoze" or "m$" or any of the other childish puns and jokes about Microsoft and their products. Normally we would edit the post, or post a general reminder in the thread as Charles had done. However, it is impossible to review every post made and with a forum as big and busy as this some will slip through the net. That you found a couple of hundred offending posts in a database of over 12 million posts is hardly surprising.

    For the other admins:

    Original thread:
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    Re: Unfair warning and jail

    The warning was warranted.

    As you say
    As far as I am concerned the matter is closed.

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    Re: Unfair warning and jail

    A warning is simply a yellow light - a caution. The Jail is just a place to offline posts - I have several in there...
    For what it's worth, I moved the rest of the "pun" comments to join your post in the jail. I also corrected the "typo" in your post.
    Perhaps that should have been the original solution...
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