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Thread: Does KISS Ubuntu Exist?

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    Talking Does KISS Ubuntu Exist?

    I don't mean like for Gene Simmons

    ...I'm really asking if if I absolutely must violate the KISS principle in order to get Ubuntu up and running.

    I've taken more than just a passing glance at the Ubuntu documentation, and it's probably just me, but I've found it to be pretty darn technical. This didn't surprise me particularly, as I've come across this phenomena before. At least in my experience, it seems that Open Source documentation tends to be this way. I think it might have something to do with the creator gurus being happy with their endeavors, and their desire to be accurate and detailed in their descriptions and support. With all due respect, it serves to confuse the hell out of me, and I find myself reading the same lines of text repeatedly - much like I did in Microbiology class.

    This is where, unfortunately, I find Microsoft does have some advantages. MS marketing takes into consideration that at least some of their target market will inevitably be users who take the short bus.

    I'd like to be on a "need to know" basis - i.e., I just want to know what time it is, not how the clock works. I'm never going to contribute one single bite of cool code to any project because I'm a technological retard compared to all of you. You're looking at what I can bring to this table - maybe just a little feedback and probably some more dumb questions. So, here it goes:

    Is there some place I might look which will enable me to partition and install Ubuntu, but offers a fairly short and sweet experience? I need GPS type directions that never mention words like kernel (kernel who?) or bootstrap (no, mine zip). I want to spend as little time as possible playing around in my BIOS, while happily telling my Windows OS "good-BI OS"!

    I am impressed with Ubuntu, and eager to get this party going. I want to be cool as I casually mention, "Oh, I'm running Linus, I mean, linux." Advice on where to turn for easy, step by step directions, aka KISS support would be most appreciated.
    It would be great if this felt more like a KISS type joy ride, than a Detroit Rock City wild ride!
    And, yeah, I've been a bit corny, but what do you expect when everyone keeps talking about kernels?

    ADD: OMG, I just added tags (attempted, actually) and it tried to autocomplete with "kissmetrics". What in Sam Hill is a kissmetric?!! Uh, on second thought, PLEASE don't tell me!

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    Re: Does KISS Ubuntu Exist?

    It's pretty simple - as long as your hardware is supported out of the box.

    To be honest, I think that the best way to learn a new OS is to just suck in up and use it normally. If you can't figure out how to do something, look around and try to work it out; if you can't work it out, google it. You can read guides, but how much of it will sink in is rather questionable - experience is the best teacher.

    Bottom line: Yes, it's pretty KISS.

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    Re: Does KISS Ubuntu Exist?

    If I understand correctly, brevity is part of KISS; prolixity isn't
    Users can easily damage their systems by using sudo su if they aren't experienced enough.

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    Re: Does KISS Ubuntu Exist?

    Your question is pretty vague... Which specific step of the install process are you stuck on? What is the exact error message? Do you have specific suggestions how the documentation can be simplified?

    "I found the documentation too technical, help!" is a much more difficult question to answer than "I'm stuck on Step 3 because I don't see my wireless network listed." (for example)

    If you think those instructions are "too technical" I invite you to read the KISS Arch Beginner's Guide. You'll probably run screaming back to Ubuntu!

    ps The instructions I linked to above never use the word "kernel"---can you provide a link to the install instructions you're trying to use? Maybe you're using the wrong instructions?
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    Re: Does KISS Ubuntu Exist?

    Rudy On Rails; Hi !

    Going to add to what has been posted.
    (K)eep (I)t (S)imple (Stupid) -> if you only boot ubuntu, it does not get any simpler, ubuntu is the simplest system I know of in existence !
    And ubuntu only gets as complicated as you want it to be.

    Download a FREE .iso file;
    Burn that .iso as an "image" to disk;
    Boot the disk -> "try ubuntu" -> verify all hardware/add-ons work as expected (majority of the time most do);
    Install ubuntu -> let the install wizard to it's thing with only a minimum of input from you ->

    you have a fully functioning operating system with almost anything you can imagine to add to that standard install of applications available from ubuntu's software repositories. - with only the click of a button -

    Now I ask you, what can be simpler ?

    On the "geeky" side; ubuntu will be as complicated as you need to be to do what you "want" to do with the operating system.

    ubuntu, my operating system of choice
    THE current(cy) in Documentation:

    Happy ubuntu'n !

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    Re: Does KISS Ubuntu Exist?

    Don't worry, Ubuntu is a lot easier than you're giving it credit for.

    Which Ubuntu documentation have you been looking at? Some of it will deal with technical subjects and will seem very technical. Some users on the forums, and some people who write on the Ubuntu wiki, write needlessly technically when a simple explanation will work.

    Ubuntu is very easy to install and start working with. Burn it to a disc by using the "Burn ISO image" function of your burning software. Reboot your computer and hit the key that enters the BIOS setup (it differs for each computer - it will be mentioned on the first screen that appears when the computer reboots). Go into the Boot Order or Boot Priority part of the BIOS and bring the CD drive to the top of the list.

    Reboot with the Ubuntu CD inserted and then follow these simple official instructions:

    The instructions don't mention kernels, bootstraps or anything scary. You've already heard about partitions, which are not scary when you realise that they do the same thing to your disk that they do to a room.

    When you actually start using Ubuntu it may seem hard, but that's really because it's so very different to Windows. Ubuntu can be easy if you do things the easy way, or it can be hard if you do things the hard way. Your choice! If something seems to be an awful lot of effort or disproportionately difficult, ask if there's a simpler way - there probably is.
    I try to treat the cause, not the symptom. I avoid the terminal in instructions, unless it's easier or necessary. My instructions will work within the Ubuntu system, instead of breaking or subverting it. Those are the three guarantees to the helpee.

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    Re: Does KISS Ubuntu Exist?

    I think the only way it could be any easier would be to pay someone to install it for you. My last Ubuntu install took about an hour to install and fully update, with one restart. My last windblows install was about six hours to install and update, with about fifteen restarts. Simply boot from the cd/dvd. Select "Try Ubuntu". If everything seems to work right while running from the disk, then select "Install Ubuntu" and follow the instructions on the screen. The only other thing you might have to do is change the boot priority as was mentioned above. If you don't know how to do that, Google is your friend.

    Good Luck, and I hope you enjoy Ubuntu as much as I do.

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    Re: Does KISS Ubuntu Exist?

    Some of the documentation will be technical in nature - it just kind of goes with the animal. I remember back in about 1992 we got a co-processor put in on our mainframe so we could run native Unix, the tcp/ip stack, telnet, etc.. When I first had a problem and looked at the documentation, I was like "who wrote this??" - and I was a systems programmer and systems administrator. I called the national tech support to talk to a friend there and mentioned the Unix thing. He said "You know where it came from and why it's like that, don't you? A bunch of engineers sitting around late at night in tied-dyed t-shirts, cutoffs and sandals, eating a head of lettuce and a tomato, and going 'WOW!! look what I made it do!' ". I laughed my butt off just because it was true.

    Given the nature of technical people (I used to be one), sometimes you just think that way when you try to write a doc. Other times it is actually needed given the nature of some particular product - it just that in those times there normally isn't a beginners guide.

    So, I would do as everyone has recommended - be it dual boot or stand alone Ubuntu - I would just install it and start playing. There are no dumb questions. The only stupid mistake there is is not posting for help no matter how simple you think it is. Everyone's been there. We learn from our mistakes - and quite often it is something that sticks with you better.

    There is one thing I would advise before installing: if you're computer is relatively new and came with Windows 8 pre-installed, it probably has secure boot turned on in the BIOS and also is using UEFI. You must use the 64-bit version of Ubuntu to be able to use UEFI. There are also some caveats you should research about UEFI first. I would suggest doing a search in the forum looking for posts by oldfred. Watch for the ones that mention Windows 8 and/or UEFI. He posts a lot of information about this. Also, if it's a Samsung laptop (I *think* that's the brand - see oldfred's post for it), you can really hose up your computer trying to make things work. So, do a lot of research on this, ask as many questions as you need to to feel comfortable, and remember people are here to help.

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    Re: Does KISS Ubuntu Exist?

    One of the problems of the FLOSS community is that there are far too less non technical people wanting to contribute. That's especially true for the documentation. Most programmers don't like to write end user documentation, and most of them aren't good at it, either.

    A typical problem is that programmers tend to write about what a program can do, but end users want to know how a program can solve their problems - and this are often quite different things.

    Writing good documentation is about as difficult as writing good code. And good docs need to be maintained over time and updated for new releases. That's quite some work to do.
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    Re: Does KISS Ubuntu Exist?

    To install any OS you are going to need some space somewhere on your hard drive.
    On laptops this is a bit tricky because modern install of Windows have restore partitions, simply put there is not much space left.
    If that is the case you should always use Windows to create restore discs before attempting to add another OS. Also backup your important data to CD or an external drive.
    Then if you mess it up at least you can recover Windows.

    So if you think that Widows is KISS try doing this:
    Defrag your drive.
    Use Windows to shrink your largest partition and create a new empty one in the space you have made.
    That should keep you Googling for a day or two

    If you have a desktop then the easiest thing to do would be to buy another hard disc, fit it in your PC and install Ubuntu on it.

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