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Thread: ubuntu 12.04 instillation issues windows 8

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    ubuntu 12.04 instillation issues windows 8

    Hi, I'm having some trouble installing Ubuntu on my windows 8 hp2000 laptop. I've looked through previous forums and even taking these steps seems not to work. I created a new partition and disabled secure boot and legacy support like some previous posts have recommended. but when I enter my CD with Ubuntu on it, I select the option "install Ubuntu" I am met with sounds from my disc drive for a minute and then a black screen with nothing on it. I've waited for 30 minutes and nothing comes up. I also tried wubi and installed from within windows with no luck. I am met with an error message. I was wondering if I was missing a step or maybe I have to take some additional ones? Thanks for the help.

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    Re: ubuntu 12.04 instillation issues windows 8

    Don't use Wubi - it doesn't work on computers that come preinstalled with Windows 8.

    Perhaps you have an nvidia or ati graphics card, in which case you should use nomodeset to boot. Also, if the computer came with windows 8 preinstalled, then follow the instructions here: (that should have the latest), but it sounds like you have that part researched ok, just the nomodeset is required.

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