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Thread: Nothing like it.

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    Nothing like it.

    You know, I have been testing an number of OS's on Vbox. I have tried them all. I just have to say that Ubuntu ( in my opinion) Is still the best distro available. I experienced issues with 12.10 so I went back to 12.04. However the issues or bugs experienced with 12.10 are nowhere close to steering me away from Ubuntu. I messed with OpenSuse, Magiea, fedora, Pinguy, Debian and Antix. Debian was the closest I came to switching OS's, but, it is so damn hard to make things work in Debian. Like why don't they support Nvidia????? I may not be totally sold on Unity but, there are a number of other Unbuntu flavours to work with. There may be some bitching and moaning (I hated 12.10)about Ubuntu but in the end it is still the best Linus Distro available.

    I use Ubuntu Unity on my main sytem, and Lbuntuntu on my older Dell desk top and HP laptop. Life is good!!!

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    Re: Nothing like it.

    Ubuntu is Debian HUMANIZED, this is the only distro I dare suggest to those looking for alternates to mainstream Windows and Mac.

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    Re: Nothing like it.

    Not a support question; moved to Ubuntu, Linux and OS Chat.


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