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Thread: What is great?

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    Re: What is great?

    Quote Originally Posted by forrestcupp View Post
    Anyway, trying to defend Nazis is probably something that won't last very long in this forum.
    Oh my, I don't think anyone's trying to defend nazis. What I think is appropriate is the subject of use of language, sensitivity about perceived attack even when no one really has attacked you, arrogance (Friend 1 dismissing Friend 2 as "ignorant"), comparison of ancient monsters (Alexander) and more modern ones, even the fact of the Soviets and the Chinese fighting against Japan during WW2 (not something often discussed in Europe).
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    Re: What is great?

    As with many languages, the definitions of English words may change with the context. In this case, "great" may or may not convey a sense of "good". "Large" and "effective" come to mind.

    In any case, I fear that the course of this thread may take a turn for the worse, so it is now closed.

    Thanks for sharing.
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