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Thread: Project 64 + Wine + Xbox controller = Nope

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    Unhappy Project 64 + Wine + Xbox controller = Nope

    So... I've been having a small issue. I've been having a hard time setting up my xbox 360 controller on project 64. It's not that P64 doesn't see the controller, it's just... erm... here uhm... take a look:

    Picture one
    (I made them links because they are kind of big)
    Right, so in the first one you can see what the menu looks like. Nothing out of the ordinary as you can see.

    Picture two

    Okay so in the second pic, you can see how when I pressed the little square to change the configuration, it 'auto-assigned' a button from my controller, without me pressing anything.

    Picture three

    And when I press another little square, it will auto-assign the same button to that one, making the previous slot empty.

    This same issue happens when I use the keyboard as my controller, except it does not auto-assign keys. What happens is, if I assign say, W to d-pad up, then I go to try to assign a key to 'd-pad down', it will assign W to it automatically, and un-assign d-pad up. I fixed the keyboard issue by, assigning a key to a controller action, pressing okay on the controller config, closing P64, re-opening it, then re-opening the controller config to change the next key, which is very tedious. I can't do the same thing with the controller because everytime I try to assign button to my controller, it auto-fills the slot without me pressing anything on the controller, as you saw above. So... thats my issue... hard to explain but I did it... any ideas for a solution? (Btw, I'm on Linux mint 14 MATE 32 bit, I would use the Mint forums, but no one replies to anything there, and since Ubuntu and mint are similar, I decided I would just post the issue here.)
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    Re: Project 64 + Wine + Xbox controller = Nope

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    Re: Project 64 + Wine + Xbox controller = Nope

    Why do you want to run a emulator in WINE when you can use a native linux one?

    I did a guide for mupen64plus + cutemupen some time back. As far as I remember there's a newer/better/later gui frontend out but I cannot remember it's name. I'll have a look.

    Edit: I think the new GUI I'm talking about is either M64Py or wxMupen64Plus
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