Hi There, I'm trying to set up remote access, for a friend, to a work machine using Citrix. The company she works for uses Citrix and provideds help and support for Windows and Mac but won't support Ubuntu Gnu/Linux. I have spent hours Googling, reading forum threads (both here, the Citrix help forums and other forums) and blog posts but cannot find a solution to the problem we're having. Any help would be greatly appreciated – I thought setting this up would be really straight forward!

She is running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (upgraded from 11.04 (via 11.10)). We have installed Citrix Receiver for Linux version (includeding 256-bit SSL/TLS) from the Citrix web site using the .deb provided.

The company she works for uses Citrix and the web interface. We can login to the web interface using her login details with either Firefox or Chromium (preferably Firefox). However, when we click on the desktop icon in the web interface (after a few moments) an error message is returned, in a Citrix Receiver pop up box, that says,

'Cannot connect to “ - ~My Office PC EMEA"

'Operation not permitted. Verify your connection settings and try again.'

These two threads seem to suggest that there is a bug in the Linux version but also that it should have been patched by now! It also looks like there is a server side work around however this is not a practical approach for us: