Thankyou, Kassetra.

I appreciate you finding the time to explain what I could not see. Do you realize that's the first time anyone has attempted to do that? Explain where the gap was between what was written and what was read instead of taking aggresive and confrontational positions? (that probably includes me, truth be told!)

Excellent point, even I can see now where the anger was coming from if that's how my posts were read, and now going back and re-reading I can even see where it looked like I was "stoking the fires"!! Not having the slightest clue that's what I was doing, and wondering where on earth all the anger was coming from!

Let me sincerely apologize to everyone who read my posts that way, it was certainly not intended that way, I would never denigrate someone purely based on an Illness or Disability.
You see it as: Syd only produced one album, then possibly did too many drugs and ended up with serious mental illness as a result, and so he was never really an influence to Pink Floyd and why are people overlooking the fact that he did nothing for Pink Floyd now that he's dead and saying he was great?
That's an excellent summary of my intent.

Now, as far as I'm concerned this subject (and hopefully this thread!) is closed.

Thanks again Kassetra.