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Thread: mod-security and owncloud - 403 forbidden

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    mod-security and owncloud - 403 forbidden


    I'm trying to set up owncloud on my test server.

    I have mod-security installed and i have configured owncloud.

    When i try to access owncloud, mod-security is blocking it with this error

    server1:/var/log/apache2 % tail -f error.log
    [Sat May 04 20:39:13 2013] [error] [client] 
    ModSecurity: Access denied with code 403 (phase 1). 
    Match of "streq %{SESSION.IP_HASH}" against "TX:ip_hash" required. 
    [file "/etc/modsecurity/activated_rules/modsecurity_crs_16_session_hijacking.conf"] 
    [line "35"] [id "981059"] 
    [msg "Warning - Sticky SessionID Data Changed - IP Address Mismatch."] 
    [hostname "server1"] [uri "/owncloud/"] 
    [unique_id "UYVj4X8AAQEAAAeNDW0AAAAF"]
    It seems to think it's a session hijack. I could just disable the rule but i am loathed to do this.

    I have the core set rules installed

    server1:/var/log/apache2 % dpkg -l | grep modsec
    ii  libapache2-modsecurity               2.6.3-1ubuntu0.2                    Tighten web applications security for Apache
    ii  modsecurity-crs                      2.2.0-1                             modsecurity's Core Rule Set
    server1:/var/log/apache2 %
    I have no rules for iptables.
    server1:/var/log/apache2 % sudo !!
    sudo iptables -L
    [sudo] password for matthew: 
    Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
    target     prot opt source               destination         
    fail2ban-ssh  tcp  --  anywhere             anywhere             multiport dports ssh
    Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
    target     prot opt source               destination         
    Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
    target     prot opt source               destination         
    Chain fail2ban-ssh (1 references)
    target     prot opt source               destination         
    RETURN     all  --  anywhere             anywhere            
    server1:/var/log/apache2 %
    If a disable mod-security then i can access the owncloud pages.

    Does anybody have an idea why this crs rule is forbidding me from accessing the pages ?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Kind regards
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    Re: mod-security and owncloud - 403 forbidden

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