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    Question RTL8188SU Issues


    Before I get started with my problem, I'd just like to let you know I am by no means a linux n00b, but like everyone, I have a lot to learn.

    And on to the problem.

    For several months now, dating back to the release of ubuntu 12.10, my usb wireless adapter has been acting up. Sudden slowdown of connection speed after running for a while was the norm.

    A reboot would fix the problem for a while and life would carry on.

    Up until recently I was thinking of replaceing the adapter, but after testing it on other ubuntu systems, I found no fault with it.

    Shortly after I upgraded to 13.04, it stopped working entirely, but was recognized when "lsusb" was run.

    After more testing on other systems, I found the adaper to be working flawlessly. But it still will not work on my main system.

    So, with that, here I am. Stuck.

    Here is the link to a paste of my "netinfo" file generated with the "wireless_script" I found here on the forums:

    Hope y'all can help.

    Thanks ahead of time,

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