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Thread: Weird issue - fglrx killed my internet

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    Weird issue - fglrx killed my internet

    Hi. Long time Ubuntu user, but it's been years since I had any issue I couldn't fix myself.

    I bought a new HTPC box. The default free ATI graphics driver had trouble outputting 1080p (had some flicker near the top of the screen), so I installed fglrx from the repos. I reboot, and 1080p works flawlessly... but for some reason, I can't get internet access now. Ubuntu finds and connects to my wireless network, but I can't load any URL in Firefox and Transmission won't download. Also, after a few minutes Ubuntu will lose its wireless connection and I'll have to reconnect manually.

    Wireless internet worked perfectly until I rebooted, and I'm using the same network right now to post this so it's definitely something on the HTPC. I'm using a cheap USB wifi dongle, can't remember the chipset but it's an oldie... I've been using it with zero issues since Feisty, I think, and it worked perfectly until the last reboot.

    Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance

    EDIT: I'm on 13.04... forgot to type that important detail!
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