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Thread: Ubuntu Server 13.04 - static IP on a VM?

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    Ubuntu Server 13.04 - static IP on a VM?


    I've trying to assign a hostname and static IP to Ubuntu Server running in a VM.

    After installing I edited the etc/network/interfaces :

    # The loopback network interfaceauto loiface lo inet loopback
    # The primary network interface

    auto eth0iface eth0 inet static

    address (from VMWARE)
    netmask (from VMWARE)
    network (I guessed this as I can't find)
    broadcast (this was found in VM DHCP settings)
    gateway (from VMWARE)

    I restarted the network with :/etc/init.d/networking restart

    I then edited the etc/hosts file : localhost.localdomain localhost server1

    Then ran :

    echo > /etc/hostname
    /etc/init.d/hostname restart

    I can ping the server from the host with IP

    However, from the VM I can't ping the host nor can I get online or ping a public site.I tried turning off the firewall in the host but this no no effect. Any ideas ?

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    Re: Ubuntu Server 13.04 - static IP on a VM?

    You can't use a IP address on that subnet. From teh other information posted, it appears that any unused IP from would be fine.

    Also, you didn't describe the sort of networking selected on the VM host for this client. If bridged, then you should be fine. For NAT, you may or may not be ok.

    Change the IP in the interfaces file, restart networking and see if that doesn't fix it.


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