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Thread: HUD in Libreoffice 4 - 13.04

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    HUD in Libreoffice 4 - 13.04

    1. Anyone managed to get HUD working in Libreoffice on raring? - I have LO

    2. Sorry - figured it out. Was using version from PPA Removed and re-loaded from Software Centre and it works fine.

    3. And now it's stopped again............................. LO from Software Center
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    Re: HUD in Libreoffice 4 - 13.04

    Libreoffice integration with unity is broken on different fronts - hud, global menu, launcher. That has been since the introduction of Unity, now two years ago. Apparently, it is either too complex to fix, or not important enough.

    What works best for me now is to disable the HUD altogether, and install Libreoffice from the debs. This way, LibreOffice does not use the global menu, but nevertheless is otherwise properly themed due to the gnome-integration.


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