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Thread: KlyDE - a lightweight format of KDE

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    KlyDE - a lightweight format of KDE

    I noticed no thread was made of this in these forums:

    Basically, this is a project that trims down kde by removing certain features usually required by default, but also making each of them installable options if they're needed. To me, it sounds a lot like modularization of the desktop packaging. What do you think? Would it attract more people that use other lightweight desktops to use KDE, or is there something else that keeps users away from it other than the way KDE is packaged right now? Either way, it seems interesting...

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    Re: KlyDE - a lightweight format of KDE

    It apppears to still be in development, but I am all open to this. KDE doesn't really allow for good ol' GIMP to go to its max. I like the interface of Plasma, so I would like to see this.
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    Re: KlyDE - a lightweight format of KDE

    may be a good news for old laptop to use KDE

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    Re: KlyDE - a lightweight format of KDE

    I really like the Plasma design of KDE as well.


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