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Thread: What is Kylin?

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    What is Kylin?

    What is Kylin?

    And is it suited for destop user, server user, minimalist, or power user?

    Is it for ubuntu-tv? (to put on tvs instead of the oem (os that is already installed on the tv?))

    What kind of system is it best suited for?

    Is it power hungry and bloated? Or is it clean and efficent?

    Is it Gnome, KDE, Xfce, LXDE or something else?
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    Re: What is Kylin?

    Ubuntu Kylin is the official Ubuntu variant designed to be more suitable for Chinese users and is based on Ubuntu/Unity. It's debut version, 13.04, include Online Music Search on Dash, Chinese Calendar, and Weather Indicator that shows forecast information from China meteorological administration. This is good news for our friends in China really.

    To know more about Kylin and how to contribute, you can visit the following links: and
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