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Thread: Converting MIDI to audio

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    Converting MIDI to audio

    Hello everybody!

    I'm a Cakewalk Sonar user. This piece of software has a very useful feature; it is capable of converting MIDI information to audio by using the "freeze synth" option. Is there such a feature available in software such as Rosegarden, OpenOctave, LMMS, QTractor etc? After some googling I realized that such an option exists for fluidsynth and timidity, thus, can be realized just for sf2 files and not any other type of soundbanks, ie. sfz, gig etc.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Converting MIDI to audio

    Not sure what you mean. Explain what is "freez synth" and what you want to achive. Are we talking about GM or something else?

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    Re: Converting MIDI to audio

    Hi alex72gr,
    none of the FLOSS apps you mentioned have a freeze command AFAIK similar to what you described, the latest version of Ardour might but I'm not certain. However, it is trivial to setup but instructions will vary depending on what software you use.
    Here's a guide I wrote a while back that can get you started
    It's worth noting that there are probably simpler methods for freezing midi, however, the method outlined in my guide provides a great deal of additional functionality by allowing you to use any synth that can be triggered with midi and includes on the fly patch changing.

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