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Thread: gnuplot multiplot

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    Question gnuplot multiplot

    Hello everyone,

    im trying to create a special graphic with gnuplot and dont really get where i want.

    What i want to do is this:
    I have 20 textfiles containing 8000x2 matrices, where the first column represents the time and the second the amplitude of a wave.
    Now all 20 wave-functions shell be plotted in one graphic, that way that there is a vertical offset between them.

    The graphic should look like the one i attached to this post, where 60 functions a plotted above each other.

    Does anybody now how to get there?

    Thanks for reading
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    Re: gnuplot multiplot

    I would make a copy of all data files to a second directory, then write a script to add a Y field to the data with the correct offset.

    I don't know how to do it in gnuplot directly, but I did find this:

    It basically uses a math function to add the offset on the fly to the data.
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    Re: gnuplot multiplot

    I agree - a simple 2D plot with a suitably calculated offset

    Have a look at this blog for how to do it directly in gnuplot -->

    For example, if I generate 21 files called sol-0, sol-1, ... , sol-20 then I can do:

    gnuplot> unset key
    gnuplot> set style data points
    gnuplot> filename(n) = sprintf("sol-%d", n)
    gnuplot> plot for [n=0:20] filename(n) using 1:(column(2) + n-20 + 10) linetype 1 pointtype 1



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