I posted this a few days ago in the ASUS Forum with no luck. So I'm hoping that I might get some help from a broader audience.
Ok, I'm a newb to Ubuntu first off. next is that I have an Asus 14" X45a laptop, decked out with an Intel Celeron 1.8, 4g of ram, an old mouse wheel 300g hard drive, and WINDOWS 8 (hate it!).

After several attempts, I have managed to install Ubuntu 13.04 (64bit) along side Windows 8. I had to first figure out how to even bring up the BIOS on the computer at first. I found where in the PC Settings that I could activate boot from usb or DVD. Then when rebooting the computer, it gave me enough time to activate the BIOS before launching Microsoft's boot manager. From within the Bios, I turned off the speed boot option "which Asus has tailored to Win8", and then I turned off the secure boot feature. At this time, I walked myself through the Ubuntu setup wizard, and I chose load along Win8 for now. I installed Ubuntu along side Win8 for now until I'm 100% sure it will work on this PC. Plus I have yet to figure out how to make me a Win8 recovery disk yet, but the goal is to get away from windows completely eventually with a proprietary Ubuntu install.

So here are the questions:
A - most important, I have found that my wifi severely drags in Ubuntu. I have read that Ubuntu has an issue in this area with the Intel Celeron Chips. One searched that I located insisted on entering a command line into Terminal to turn off the 802.11n in the wifi board. Supposedly, the N gets caught in a loop and drags everything down. Now what other solutions could be out there to solve this problem?
B - For some reason on my install, if Ubuntu is selected as #1 boot in the bios then it will launch Grub and run Ubuntu but Grub will not launch and run Win8. To run Win8, I have to go into Bios and switch Win8 as the #1 Boot preference, but it just boots straight into Win8.

Any suggestions?

Mike S