I have a brand new Meenee laptop, which I am using to give some presentations at a conference. The only graphics output is a mini HDMI socket. This did not work when plugged into the projector supplied by the conference.

It strikes me that there are 4 possibilities here:

1. The hardware is faulty and I shall have to return the laptop

2. It's not really an HDMI port at all. Cryptically, it's described as a "VGA to HDMI port" in Meenee's description of the laptop. The fact that they sell a simple cable which supposedly converts it to VGA suggests that maybe it's actually a VGA port in the shape of a mini HDMI port. If that's what's going on, then presumably I could solve all my problems by buying one of those cables and plugging into the VGA port of the projector (although sadly, that's not going to help me at this conference as I won't be able to get one in time).

The connector is one of these:


3. It's a software problem and I need to download drivers or configure some options to get it to work.

4. Something else that I haven't thought of.

Does anyone have any thoughts about how I might start to narrow down those possibilities (ideally without the first thing being to buy the HDMI to VGA adaptor)?

Currently running the software that came pre-installed on the laptop, which is Ubuntu 11.10.