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Thread: 12.04.02 Making my display crazy...please help

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    12.04.02 Making my display crazy...please help

    Even though I have been using Linux since 4 years, I rarely use it more than for multimedia and internet needs. Thus my ability to diagnose and resolve issues are very limited.

    I am running Ubuntu 12.04.02 on Gnome fallback option and it was working great until around a couple of months ago. My laptop configurations are as follows:

    Acer Aspire 5002WLMI
    AMD Turion 64 ML-30 processor (1MB cache, 1.6 Ghz)
    1GB RAM
    Broadcom 43xx wireless adapter
    3.2.0-38 generic Linux kernel.

    The issue started around a month & half ago when suddenly one day while browsing the internet, the screen went in to very low resolution mode with black stripes against white background. Please see attached picture. It is hard to tell if there is any processor or hard disk activity. The only option is to kill the system via power button and reboot it. And while rebooting, some times the system reboots from a black screen (powered off) mode. My external speaker doesn't work and so I am not sure if the sounds are loading or not . I think the crazy screen appears usually after trying to use the internet. -

    I tried to reinstall both Ubuntu 12.04.02 iso image and Ubuntu 11.10 (my dvd booting does not work for some reason) but after a while they end up with similar screens. See attached pictures. The last 3 pics are boot up sequence from 11.10 live CD before it ends up with purple background with black stripe screen

    I know my system is the last leg of its life but if I can push on it for another 6-8 months, I will be in a position to afford new laptop.

    Please help me resolve this issue. I don't want to throw this system away...
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