I'm trying to test my understanding of port forwarding and there's an issue that currently has me stumped. I've installed the OpenSSH client and daemon on my local machine and I'd like to try routing my HTTP and HTTPS traffic through a tunnel. I connect to my own machine via SSH as follows:
ssh -L 8080:www.google.com:80 vince@sokrates
. That way, when I go to localhost:8080 I end up at Google. I guess it's not fool-proof yet because my browser indicates that HTTPS is used here and I'm not doing anything with port 443 yet, but I digress... The problem is that this approach doesn't work for every website. For instance, if I try www.ubuntuforums.org, I get redirected to canonical.com. And if I try ubuntu.com, I get an error page. So clearly, I'm missing some of the finer details.

Does anyone know what could cause this lack of transparency?