Hey gus,

I'm trying to set up nfs4 with kerberos authentication but for some reason the client is unable to connect.
When I replace gss/krb5 with an IP address, everything works fine but with gss/krb5 I'm getting "access denied" errors when mounting.
The problem seems to be related to the warnings in /var/log/syslog:
Eos is my server, agon the client.

I triple-checked that rpc.svcgssd is running, the KDC daemon is started and I have a valid ticket.

Some people report missing service tickets, but
klist /tmp/krb5cc_machine_MYREALM.TLD
says I'm not missing those service tickets. (Find the output of the command attached in the gist as well)
Everything that might be important should be included the gist, did I miss anything?

I hope you guys can help me, this is driving me nuts!

Many thanks in advance!