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Thread: Graphic's Card

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    Re: Graphic's Card

    GaaraOrDSand; Good day to you.

    Be aware I am far from an expert on graphics drivers. however, I am aware of a few things.
    This is my thoughts -> that card should scream. To that end ->
    1. What results from:
    sudo aticonfig --initial
    As you are running a proprietary driver.
    2. What does AMD/ATI web site advise as to the proper driver to use in your instance:
    If you go to ATI:
    And use "autodetect" when you are looking for a Linux Driver, what does it say about your chipset and any suggested driver?
    Bear in mind --departing from ubuntu's repository is in my mind a means of last resort. Doing so places the maintenance of your system as your complete responsibility, being aware of what updates break the system and how to repair it.

    I remain open to discussion.

    best regards
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    Re: Graphic's Card

    I thought I already downloaded the graphics? I don't know this is getting really confusing now; this is the command you asked for:

    riddlebox@BrainSlug:~$ sudo aticonfig --initial
    [sudo] password for riddlebox: 
    Found fglrx primary device section
    Using /etc/X11/xorg.conf
    Saving back-up to /etc/X11/xorg.conf.fglrx-0
    And here is a pic of what I think is the drivers I installed.


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    Re: Graphic's Card

    Quote Originally Posted by GaaraOrDSand View Post
    Well, no I'm not experiencing "problems" so far with the graphic's card so far, I just wanna know if the drivers are installed correctly just to know if I'm using the graphic's card full potential, I spent EURO300 on this, I deserve to use it.. And also when I had the nvidia 9500GT on xubuntu 12.10 I used to play League of Legends with 40 FPS

    Due to the new xubuntu release I formatted, and now with the new xubuntu and new graphics' card i'm getting 20 FPS in League of Legends, so I think something is not right, hence the thread on this forum.
    it seems like you installed the drivers ok.

    AMD drivers are not always good in linux. for some cards they work well but for some they are crappy.

    next you could try to get AMD beta drivers and install those manually.
    it could also be that one of many LOL update made the FPS drop.
    it could also be hte issue with Wine version in 13.04.

    lately i am not sure what they did but i play it on winxp and after a couple of updates suddenly my FPS is little over 20. never had any lag before (well aside from net lag when servers were slow). anyxway just saiyng it's always an issue when you have these frequent updates for windows games under wine. it could be that somehting is not compatible between 13.04 wine version and LOL.
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    Re: Graphic's Card

    Thank you mastablasta, from what you are saying it sounds like it's not a problem I could resolve, maybe I should wait it out because I heard LOL on linux is in progress and finally we're gonna have a proper port, hopefully it won't be long.

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