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Thread: ffmpeg - Unknown encoder libfaac

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    ffmpeg - Unknown encoder libfaac

    Recently, I have freshly installed Ubuntu 12.04.2 i386 on my computer. I follow the instructions from FFmpeg, Community Ubuntu Documentation,, to enable Universe/Medibuntu repos and to install ffmpeg. And this instruction reads as, "the following additional libraries will be downloaded: apport-hooks-medibuntu, libfaac0, libopencore-amrnb0, libopencore-amrwb0"

    I tried to convert avi video using libfaac codec, then I got the following error message:
    Unknown encoder 'libfaac'

    Where is the codec location for ffmpeg in Precise/Natty? Can I just copy the libfaac codec from Natty to Precise. I had Natty installed on my computer in another partition, and the same ffmpeg command, that converted avi video using libfaac codec, worked alright with me.

    I try not to compile-install ffmpeg. Is there any idea to add libfaac to my ffmpeg? Can you please let me know what I'm missing?

    Thank you very much in advance!!!

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