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Thread: Ubuntu Server Can't Connect to Wifi

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    Ubuntu Server Can't Connect to Wifi

    I just installed the Ubuntu 12.04 server edition, and everything went great. I wasn't able to configure the DHPS thing (or what ever it was, it was that thing that popped up that wanted me to configure my network). I don't have internet on it as a result, so the apt-get function doesn't work so I can't install anything.

    I have nothing installed on it right now other than what it came with (I did not check any of the boxes which had pre-installed software); so no editors like gedit.

    How do I get wifi working on my machine so that I can use apt-get install?

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    Re: Ubuntu Server Can't Connect to Wifi

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    Re: Ubuntu Server Can't Connect to Wifi

    For a server, you can define the interface in your /etc/network/interfaces file - the details will depend on your interface name (wlan0, wlan1 or whatever) and whether you want to set up DHCP or static addressing - here is a simple template for a WPA-PSK connection on wlan0 with DHCP and the LAN router ( providing name resolution:

    auto wlan0
    iface wlan0 inet dhcp
        wpa-ssid your-ssid
        wpa-psk your-passphrase

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