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Thread: 13.04 Random Freeze

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    13.04 Random Freeze

    hi everybody!
    After 13.04 upgrade (or fresh installation) my laptop (DELL studio 1558) freeze after few minutes of normal use. The only solution is to push power button and reboot.
    I get the following error message (see the pictures)

    thanks a lot for help!

    2013-04-27 11.19.18.jpg2013-04-27 11.19.39.jpg

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    Re: 13.04 Random Freeze

    I was having a similar problem with random freezes on a fresh installation of 13.04 on a new lenovo thinkpad. I did not check the error messages so I can't see if they match yours, but I found a solution to my random freezes. With my freezes nothing worked not even reisub and if sound was playing it would loop a small bit of it. I installed bumblebee and the freezes seem to have stopped. Here is a link on how to install Bumblebee If it doesn't work there are instructions on removing it at the bottom of that page. Good luck.

    EDIT: bumblebee did not solve my problem after a few days it returned. I realized that it only occurred while on battery power on my laptop. I am currently testing a fix of turning off the power save option on my broadcom wireless card to see if that works. So far so good but it is hard to tell because the freezes really do seem random.
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    Re: 13.04 Random Freeze

    It might be related to this(from Wikipedia):
    The 1557 and 1558 model are known to have problems with overheating, which is generally linked to 3D video graphics related gaming or other 3D applications. Downloading the latest ATI catalyst drivers and BIOS updates does help reduce the risk of these problems. The 1557 and the 1558 are affected by hard to maintain components which make it hard to clean out blocked heatsink vents or to clean and replace thermal paste due to the combination fan and heatsink design.
    13.04 uses the graphics card quite a bit more intensively (depending on your windows manager) and could cause these problems to pop up.

    Bumblebee will only help you if you have a hybrid graphics card (such as with NVidia Optimus technology). What it does, is that it will always use the more energy efficient Intel HD card and only use the faster card if you explicitly want to use it. That would help keep the temperature down.

    That being said, you can also try out the tips in this thread:
    The problems described there seem similar to yours.

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