Hi everyone,

I am an absolute beginner in linux (Ubuntu). I have installed Ubuntu 12.10 using wubi from windows 7. It was a clean install. Now I have upgraded to windows 8. But the problem I am facing lies with either version of windows. I work in office where the printer is available through network (probably LAN; I do not know these technical terms). I installed the printer via add printer dialogue box and it was a clean install too. I could print smoothly from Ubuntu. After few day I changed my username and password from windows 8 to access the printer. Now I cant access my printer via Ubuntu despite providing new username and password. When I add the printer, apparently it is added but when I print the test page I get the message "Idle - Tree connect failed (NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED)". Can anyone help me in this regard? Now i have upgraded to ubuntu 13.04 but problem persists.