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Thread: How to search for files in Xubuntu / XFCE with just Thunar and a Bash script

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    Re: How to search for files in Xubuntu / XFCE with just Thunar and a Bash script

    Quote Originally Posted by lapsey View Post
    it would require another dialog, which i think would be one too many.

    however.. if: slocate is faster than find and can return the same information as find -printf allows... then slocate should replace find

    also, if you want to post the translation I will try to incorporate it using localisation:
    Sounds like great idea, the translation

    Meanwhile, I did a gtkdialog version for me including the slocate option. Check the screenshot below.
    While you can do more complex window layouts with gtkdialog, it isn't very good to work with it. I am thinking a python version would be much better then...

    About slocate: the problem with it is that it relies on a database of your files that is updated only daily, so newly created files won't show up. But it is very useful for doing searches on the whole disk, for instance.
    Also, it looks for the search keyword on the whole path, not only on the filename. But I guess it could be filtered somehow.

    Attached are the translated version of your script, and also my gtkdialog version if you want to take a look (maybe specially on the slocate function?)
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