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Thread: How to search for files in Xubuntu / XFCE with just Thunar and a Bash script

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    Lightbulb search-for-files: Graphical search for any Desktop Environment and File Manager (GTK)

    The preferred tool for searching is now Catfish. Many thanks go to Kalikiana for coding it.

    v0.1 stable is now in the Feisty Universe repository., so it's as simple as `sudo apt-get install catfish`. Newer versions are here.

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    It searches using several backends like find, (s)locate, doodle, tracker and beagle (whichever are available).

    Good thing it is light and fits perfectly on Xfce (see screenshots).

    It is best integrated with thunar as a custom action, so I nicked a script from JasonValdron that will do this automatically - download that here

    to install it, go to the folder you saved it in and paste the following commands.

    chmod +x ; ./
    dont forget to restart thunar to have it show up


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